HR automation: Supercharge your performance reviews

 Nov 14, 2016

Performance reviews have been a hot topic for many organisations and HR teams over the last little while. Some well-known global brands have removed annual reviews entirely, and many others have revisited and revitalised the process. Regardless of whether your organisation runs annual reviews, or quarterly, monthly, even weekly ‘pulse-checks’, it’s important to get the process right.

In my experience, many Australian organisations, both private and public, still have manual review processes. The amount of time and resources expended on performance management is huge. What is more, the review process itself is not always standardised. Inconsistencies and inaccuracies can be found in abundant supply, leading to all sorts of issues.

Automation is an integral part of the solution. Once the process itself is optimised, workflow automation can speed up the entire process and keep everyone updated. Electronic signatures remove the need for paper. Online forms help ensure that data is accurate, and the resulting feedback and ratings are submitted directly to the payroll system. A digital process is also much easier to govern than a paper one, so there are compliance benefits as well.

According to an EEOC study in the US last year, even just a 15% increase in employee engagement can translate to a 2.4% increase in operating margin for the business. The stakes are quite high, and there are significant benefits to be gained here.

Watch the below video by Nintex for an introduction to the world of performance review automation:


If you’re yet to experience Nintex Forms or Nintex Workflow, feel free to contact me to ask questions or see a demo.

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