How to omit dates in an Excel chart axis

 Jul 14, 2016

Let’s say you have the company’s performance information in an Excel spreadsheet. Your manager wants you to chart the data so it is easier to present it in the next meeting. Your company is not working on weekends and the report stores the data for the last 2 weeks starting from 1st August 2016. See the figure below:

When you chart the range B2 to C11, Excel includes Saturdays and Sundays in the chart horizontal axis by default. Since weekends are non-working days, you have no data for those days.

As there is no amount for weekends, the chart does not display bars, but it adds the weekends’ dates to the horizontal chart axis. The chart looks ugly and unprofessional.

Your manager wants those dates hidden from the chart.

If you want Excel to omit the weekends and the missing dates from the chart axis you can change the axis format to a ‘Text Axis’.

To change the chart axis display follow the steps listed below:

  1. Click the chart to select it
  2. Right click the horizontal axis. A list with options will display.
  3. Click the Format Axis option. The Format Axis pane will display on the right hand side of the window.
  4. Under Axis options, Axis Type, tick the Text axis option
  5. Close the Format Axis pane

  6. The chart hides the weekend’s dates and makes it look so much better!

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