DMOC: The evolution of Microsoft's Official Courseware

 Feb 02, 2015

I love reading books, especially when they are perfectly-bound. No one can dispute the feeling of opening a newly published book, the smell, the touch and feel of owning a physical product. So why is there a major push for going to digital content? Are we moving towards a societal norm to no longer appreciate conventional methods? My answer is no. As people, we often misconstrue the idea of change to be a bad thing:

Don't fix it if it's not broken.

One of the few things that we have lack as human beings is the ability to adapt and embrace change. The older we get the more cynical and narrow minded we become. It is not my place to question people's principles and ideas, all that I can ask is to open your horizons and see things from different angles. Surely, we all can agree that all great decisions can only be achieved by being well informed. On the note of Microsoft's official courseware, here are the top 8 reasons why DMOC (Digital Microsoft Official Courseware) is increasingly becoming a preferred courseware option: 1. Patience is not a virtue Let's face it. We all hate to wait for our order to arrive, so why wait any longer for a product you have paid good money for? It takes Microsoft days and sometimes weeks before you get your physical courseware, but if you go digital it's already in your email inbox in a matter of seconds.

2. Space is premium Ever wanted to own your own library? Now you can! With DMOC, you can create a library of books without having to create space for new ones. It even has your own personal librarian that you can customise.

3. Lets move  

Many of us are mobile. We move from office to home on a daily basis. Now you can access your books through tablets, mobile phones or any computer device in the world. With DMOC, you are not restricted geographically and it also remembers where you left off on different devices.

4. Fresh Editions  

Always receive the freshest edition with "Fresh Edition." You are in the IT industry and things change in a matter of seconds, so information would and should change accordingly. Using the digital courseware, Microsoft will be able to send updates to your existing books. Gone are the days where you have to buy multiple editions to keep up to date.

5. Search, index, highlight and much more...  

Having a digital book copy does not mean that you are restricted to just reading. All the conventional options to highlight, index and bookmark are all available to you in the digital platform. This means you can find the right information and learn more efficiently through conventional interactions.

6. Sharing is caring  

Ever wanted to share notes or highlights between your friends or classmates? With digital courseware, you are able to distribute the information in the blink of an eye.

  7. Let the content teach you (upcoming in the first half 2015)   With interactive assessments, animations, ability to add content and polls, you can rest assured that your DMOC will engage your learning process like never before.

8. Answers please (upcoming in the first half 2015) Solve your problems in seconds, as answers for high level lab steps are provided and linked for the user immediately.

  Still not convinced? Why not choose DMOC for your next Microsoft IT course and get a first hand experience. Happy Learning!

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