Enhance your presentations with PowerPoint's Slide Zoom

 Mar 31, 2014

One of the more useful features that has been introduced with Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is the new Slide Zoom feature available in Presenter View. If you are trying to show a very detailed slide, perhaps a complex diagram, intricate chart or even an image that bears closer examination, you can use the Slide Zoom to direct your audience’s focus to one particular element of a slide. Slide Zoom magnifies the specific area of focus and eliminates the other distractions on the slide without the need to create a secondary slide to highlight a single element or item.

How to use Slide Zoom in PowerPoint 2013: 

  1. Set your presentation in 'Presenter View' by clicking the slide show button or pressing F5 on your keyboard.
  2. Move your cursor across the screen to bring up the 'Presenter View Toolbar.' This is located at the bottom left of the screen. Slide Zoom in PowerPoint 2013
  3. Click on the magnifying glass icon and then click on the area of the slide that you wish to enlarge. Slide Zoom in PowerPoint 2013
  4. While in the zoom mode, drag the hand tool over the slide to move the slide around.
  5. Press 'Escape' on your keyboard to return to exit the Slide Zoom view.
That's all there is to it! Slide Zoom is one of the many great new features of PowerPoint 2013, but to learn more about this product, I recommend New Horizons' Microsoft PowerPoint training programs.

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