Do you really want to take innovation seriously in 2018?

 Feb 07, 2018

The start of the new year is a time to reflect not only on your business but also on your personal life and on your career. It is the perfect opportunity to have a sit down and think of New Year’s resolutions, ones that will contribute to your success. One of the questions you should ask yourself is: What are the prominent issues I should be dealing with in 2018?


KPMG recently published a report on “The big issues facing business leaders in 2018”. The report shines a light on the top 10 most significant issues facing business leaders in 2018. What they found was that the top challenge was managing Digital and Innovation.


For the time poor of you, the key take-ways are:


  • Risk taking and failure will be expected and even celebrated

  • There will be a bias for action and experimentation

  • Leaders […] will need to establish a real dialogue for idea generation and learning from experimentation


    So where do we turn next?


    Work on a culture of innovation in the digital space


    The report states that our nation’s leaders understand that disruption looms around every corner. They are now clear about what they need in order to respond and seize opportunity: a culture of innovation, especially in the digital space. While no one can confidently predict the exact disruptions that lie ahead, the organisations that get their innovation culture right will be the ones that can harness change to their benefit. Some organisations have even invested in training for new ways of working, such as Agile methodologies or Design Thinking. To make these efforts stick, however, concerted leadership is required.


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    Embody character traits from those who do it best


    If you are serious about tackling the digital and innovation challenge in 2018, pay attention and learn from Australia’s top business leaders character traits as the report of KPMG sums it up: “Risk taking and failure will be expected and even celebrated. There will be a bias for action and experimentation. And leaders will actively listen to their people, customers, and communities to establish a real dialogue for idea generation and learning from experimentation.”


    Set your business up for growth, invest in training and provide the best environment to help your business to be better prepared to face disruptive forces and potentially harness those same forces for your own benefit.


    Download a copy of the Report from KPMG


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