Create with Adobe’s Capture Mobile App: Patterns

 Aug 15, 2016

Part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Applications suite, Adobe Capture ,includes a set of tools that allow you to photograph and reuse aspects of your images in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and many other creative cloud applications.

The patterns tool allows you to take a captured image and create different patterns. These patterns may then be used in Photoshop via the Adobe Creative Cloud Library system. Access and use of Capture’s Pattern tool is available as part of Adobe CC membership. Simply follow these steps.

1. Install Adobe Capture on your Android, iPhone or iPad

2. Launch Capture and login to your Creative Cloud account if needed

3. Create or ensure you have a library ready to store your new patterns

4. Select the Patterns tool

5. Take an initial capture photo or use a photo already saved to your device

6. Choose the type of pattern you want to make

7. Modify the pattern in the edit mode

8. Preview and then save to one of your Creative Cloud Libraries

9. In Photoshop, open your Creative Cloud Library to see and use your patterns

10. To make a pattern fill layer in Photoshop, simply click on the pattern’s image in the Library panel

11. Preselect an area in Photoshop for a bit more masking fun with the Fill Layer

Until next time enjoy capturing and creating with Adobe Creative Cloud.

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