Business process flows in Microsoft CRM 2013

 Oct 23, 2014

Business process flows guide people and help them align their procedures to fit in with standard operating procedures of an organisation. This lets the end user to follow the process within the organisation through the stages in a defined manner. This also helps new or existing employees to become familiar with the processes quicker, help users adapt to changes and achieve better results. Once you enable business process flows within Microsoft CRM 2013, a process bar will be located at the top of the form for a record that is involved with the business process flow. This process bar is used to guide users through the organisation's processes. The same process bar can be used to move users through processes that involve several entities. For example, an organisation's sales process could go through the following stages;
  • Lead stage
  • Conversion to an opportunity
  • Quote
  • Order stage
By implementing process flows, users can focus on the requirement for each process stage to move forward, without having to consider the different entities or relationships required to complete the necessary tasks. Creating a Business Process Flow:
  1. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, go to the "Settings" followed by "Processes" and then click the "Create a New Process" button.
  2. Create a "Processes" dialog box, and enter a name for the process.
  3. In "Category," select "Business Process Flow."
  4. In the drop down menu for "Entity," select the option that will be used for the first stage of the process and click "OK".
  5. Then you can add different stages to the business process as below.Business process flows in Microsoft CRM
  6. Click on “+” sign in front of the “stages." This way, you can add any number of stages to the process flow.
Business Process Flows in Microsoft CRM 2013

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