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Jul 27, 2020

Let’s Talk About Angular 2, I mean 4. No probably 5!

So, you jumped at the opportunity to start working with Angular 2, awesome! But just as we got our heads around it, they introduced Angular 4 and then a few weeks later [...]

Feb 01, 2021

Introducing the Query Store

With the unveiling of SQL Server 2016 came a few new features, one of these features is the Query Store. The Query Store helps us to store snapshots of information from [...]

Jan 16, 2021

Insight into the database structure internals

In today’s blog I want to write about what actually happens internally to a database once you start working with the data and how it is stored behind the scenes. [...]

Dec 05, 2020

Creating a shared service in Angular 2

Today, I will be taking a closer look at creating a shared service instance that can be used within an Angular 2 application. As development continues on your Angular [...]

Nov 21, 2020

Get started in Angular 2 with the Angular Command Line Interface

In this blog I am going to write about an additional tool that you can use to get started with the Angular 2 application a little faster. The tool I am referencing to [...]

Nov 15, 2020

Updates to Angular 2 that make coding easier - Router Component

In the next part of my series on updates, I will show case how to make use of the Router Module in the Angular 2 library so that you can create a Single Page [...]

Oct 20, 2020

Updates to Angular 2 that makes coding easier - HTTP Client

In this second part in my series of blogs regarding Angular 2 updates, I would like to cover some of the changes made to the HTTP client. Same as in my previous blog, [...]

Oct 17, 2020

Updates to Angular 2 that makes coding easier - Custom Pipes

Awesome updates, hated by some and loved by others. Angular 2 is no different in this regard, being developed by Google we can expect future updates to optimise it [...]

Sep 28, 2020

Using PowerShell to upload files to your Azure Storage Container

More and more people are starting to use Azure as a platform for their applications, these applications might want to get information from files. If this is a [...]

Sep 16, 2020

The first tool of Power BI

BI, or Business Intelligence, has gained a big trend in the self-service area, this allowed users without expert technical skills to create their own solutions in [...]

Sep 12, 2020

Automate your website publishing process using Github and Azure

Integrate your source control from Github to Azure. Nowadays, when we are developing web applications, we tend to use repositories such as those provided by GitHub. [...]

Sep 05, 2020

Make your content fluid with AngularJS

Content is like water. It needs to adapt to many forms and flow effortlessly into the device being used. With the power of AngularJS, you can start building webpages [...]

Aug 18, 2020

Enter Power BI

For a while now Microsoft has been giving our end users better tools when it comes to Business Intelligence, this is known as Self-Service tools. This self-service [...]

Jul 05, 2020

Providing feedback for user interactions

When we create websites we need to make sure that the user experience is as good as possible and providing feedback is one of the most important aspects to this. [...]

Jun 09, 2020

4 points to consider when creating an application

As a developer and trainer I often get asked what I do when developing new applications in regards to the design process. With the design in mind I always follow the [...]

May 24, 2021

What is a PCI-Express Lane?

Why do you need to know what PCI-e lanes are when building a computer? Recently I started putting together a computer system that I want to use for at least a couple of [...]

May 05, 2021

Variable refresh rates

Technology continuously improves through time and with monitors this is no exception. One of the latest improvements made to monitors was the introduction of G-Sync [...]

Apr 05, 2021

How SharePoint works with Active Directory

When we start working with security in SharePoint you have to understand that SharePoint in itself is not an Authentication Provider. What I mean by authentication [...]

Mar 23, 2021

Using a model in your AngularJS form

Even when using AngularJS, there is going to be a time when you want to send information to the server. When you need to send information to the server it is best to use [...]

Mar 04, 2021

My thoughts on the Moto 360 SmartWatch

A few months ago I started to get a real itch to buy a smart watch, the itch finally went away as I bought myself a Moto 360 Android smartwatch. After a bit of reading [...]

Mar 01, 2021

Tips and Tricks with Nintex Forms

We get to a point where we start to customize our Forms within SharePoint, if that is the case I have put together some tips and tricks that can be used to help you with [...]

Feb 26, 2021

Streaming Xbox One to Windows 10

We all have that odd occasion when we want to relax and play some games, just to find that someone has already tuned into their favourite show on the television. Luckily [...]

Feb 16, 2021

Adding videos to your website

Often when we are creating websites we are advertising a service or products and a good way to illustrate the products or services in question is through the use of [...]

Feb 01, 2021

Creating an awesome In-Memory Database

Creating your very first In-Memory Database. With the SQL Server 2014, Microsoft unveiled the inclusion of a new type of engine that would supposedly increase the [...]

Jan 19, 2021

Creating a basic Angular directive

Creating a custom directive Angular JS provides us with multiple directives straight out of the box, this is awesome but in some cases we have requirements that are [...]

Dec 07, 2020

Intro and setup for Xbox SmartGlass

A lot has changed over the years when it comes to consoles. At first we had consoles that were primarily used for gaming; nowadays we can use them for media services as [...]

Dec 04, 2020

Combining different chart types in Excel 2013

Have you ever had two different types of data that you wanted to show in one chart? In Excel 2013 it is much easier to create combo charts. Let’s look at the four [...]

Nov 24, 2020

Using a Calendar on your Website

In this post, I’m going to touch on how we can create a calendar within one of our websites that fully synchronises to one of our Google calendars. To find a decent [...]

Nov 17, 2020

AngularJS Service - The Basics

What is an Angular Service? In my previous blog post I have used what we call an Angular Service, we used this service to communicate to a server and retrieve some [...]

Nov 09, 2020

Drag and Drop

When a user interacts with our applications, being either a website or an Office Application; we need to add functionality that can improve the user’s experience. This [...]

Nov 02, 2020

Creating a simple Website and User Interface with MVC (Part 3)

We will conclude the resume site with this last blog entry, we will be adding the needed styles to make the site appealing to look at. To create the required look and [...]

Oct 20, 2020

The awesomeness that is AngularJS - Part 2

This blog will continue on from my previous blog post, here, we will create an application that uses actual data from a specified source. The source of our data will be [...]

Oct 16, 2020

Creating a simple Website and User Interface with MVC - Part 2

For the next part of the series we want to start putting in some content into our site, this will be information we want to present on our resume. Topics will be work [...]

Oct 12, 2020

Creating a simple Website and User Interface with MVC - Part 1

In this series of forthcoming blogs, I will take you through the steps to create a simple website and user interface by using MVC 5 with bootstrap and additional [...]

Oct 06, 2020

The awesomeness that is AngularJS - Part 1

When thinking about creating your application, you should keep Angular JS in mind. Angular JS can be used to make your application more reactive for your users, this [...]

Sep 25, 2020

Setting up your models in MVC

When we start creating MVC applications, one of the first steps is to create your models. These models are used as the entities we want to work with in our application [...]

Sep 10, 2020

Implementing paging easily

Nowadays when we create websites to represent services or products we need to include the correct media so that it can show case the product to its best. One way of [...]

Aug 10, 2020

The grid system of Bootstrap

When working with Bootstrap it is good practice to utilise the grid system for the positioning of your controls. This grid is 12 columns wide at any point in time [...]

Jul 14, 2020

Creating a storage account and container in Windows Azure

We are constantly moving further into the space of using the cloud to host our application and services, so why not use Windows Azure to contain your files as well? [...]

Jun 19, 2020

Taking the first step towards power by rooting your mobile device

Ever wondered how you can be in full control over your phone and not let the pesky system block you from doing certain actions? Well, if you root your device, you will [...]

May 11, 2021

How to scrape a website

If you ever wanted to create an application that can compare information from other websites, you can do so by implementing code that uses web scraping. To achieve [...]

Apr 30, 2021

Installing ClockworkWorkMod recovery on your Samsung device

Being a developer, I want to be in full control over the devices that I own, from my laptop to my mobile devices such as my smartphone and tablet. One way I took over [...]

Mar 23, 2021

Make life easier with LastPass

With modern day applications, registration is required for us to utilise the websites functionality. In most cases when you register on a website you must choose a [...]

Mar 16, 2021

How to read and write XML

We create applications on a daily basis to meet our customers’ requirements; often the case will be to create a solution that can retrieve some information out of a data [...]

Feb 05, 2021

Control your code with GitHub

When it comes to software development especially big projects, it can be frustrating when you are unable to compare a current piece of code to the previous versions, or [...]

Dec 18, 2020

Implementing external content types in SharePoint 2013

When we work in a SharePoint environment, we most often use data that is stored within SharePoint, but this doesn't stop us from working with data that is stored [...]

Nov 17, 2020

Control your digital world from your mobile device

We live in a world where we can hook up our laptops or PCs to a television and watch our favourite movies or listen to music. One of the issues we face when doing this [...]

Nov 07, 2020

Wrapping your head around Content Type IDs

When it comes to the creation of content types within SharePoint 2013, you should know what to inherit from an existing content type, be it either a built-in content [...]

Jul 04, 2020

4 steps to establish a SQL Server connection

Almost all applications that are developed these days will, at some point, connect to an external data source like SQL Server. When this need arises, you will have to [...]

Feb 03, 2021

Become a pro in SharePoint 2013 with master pages

Designing SharePoint master pages shouldn't be a challenge! When it comes to designing a new SharePoint site, we get a default theme that essentially does not represent [...]

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