Amazing Cities and Sites in Australia

 Nov 22, 2017

Amazing Cities and Sites in Australia

Blog by Kieran Howard - San Francisco, USA

Australia is a big, beautiful country to explore. The large cities Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are considered some of the best places in the world to live or study. Academic qualifications from Australia are highly regarded internationally, and a great part about studying with New Horizons is the flexibility to really experience the life here, make friends, and see wonderful places.

In Sydney, you’ll want to visit places like Bondi Beach, and the famous Opera House. It’s a modern and diverse city because people from all over the world come to travel, study, and live here, so there are communities of different cultures. In Sydney, you can go for yum cha in China Town, salsa dance in great Latin restaurants, or head to a classic Aussie pub to watch a football game.

Melbourne is known to have a very “laid back” vibe, it has a relaxed culture and some of the best food and drink in Australia. There are tons of great restaurants and lots of live music. It’s also got some interesting events like the Melbourne Cup, an annual horse race that everyone enjoys. People get the day off work, and the whole city dresses up and enjoys parties.

Brisbane is unique because it’s a big city, but still sort of feels like a small town. So people are very happy to get to know each other and the communities are really close. It is pretty hot, so you’ll want to head to the beaches in summer, they are some of the most famous in Australia. Brisbane is also next to the Gold Coast, one of Australia’s biggest centres for amusement parks, entertainment, tourism, and surfing.

When you come to Australia, wherever you choose to live, you should try to visit other cities and travel as well. It’s a big country, and when you have breaks from your studies you should visit some of the unique and beautiful destinations.

Ayers Rock in Uluru is amazing and unlike anywhere else in the world, and nearby there are communities of indigenous Australians with a unique culture. In any of these cities you can see galleries and museums with an interesting style of art by the indigenous Australians. You’ll also want to see the wildlife, amazing animals that only live in Australia and great huge zoos and aquariums in all the major cities. And if you go to a natural park to see the bush, I’d recommend Royal National Park near Sydney, it’s a great place for hikes or camping!


Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane are all great places to study, and New Horizons is in the city centres so it’s easy to get around. Whether you’re here for a year to do a Diploma or Certificate, or you stay after for a university degree, you’re bound to love life in Australia!


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