Embedding Organisational Values into Performance Management

 Dec 02, 2015

Respect, integrity, excellence in service, openness…do these words resonate with you and your organisation?

These types of words often appear in organisational value statements and sometimes make it to a frame that sits proudly on walls for all to see within the business. That’s where it ends as it can be very difficult to translate these words into the very culture and behaviour of the people who work there.

Following are some tips to bring your organisational values to life:

  • Ensure all job descriptions contain these values as these documents form the basis of all recruitment and performance management practices.

  • When recruiting, focus your interviews and your assessments around these values to confirm all job applicants’ values for all positions align with your organisational values. This may save time and effort in trying to change behaviour down the track.

  • When new recruits come on board, managers should clearly set behavioural expectations that clearly reflect these values.

  • All performance management documents should also contain the organisational values so that Managers can assess how effectively their staff demonstrate these. It will send a clear message that they are just as important as technical job skills.

  • Finally, and most importantly, senior leaders need to “live and breathe” the organisational values so they set a strong example of how people behave within the organisation. After all they provide the greatest influence on culture.

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Magdalena Todor  

With over 20 years experience as a facilitator and university lecturer, Magda is one of our most senior and experienced trainers. With previous practical on the job experience as a project manager she embodies a brilliant balance of training experience and business knowledge. With every event she delivers, Magda takes a wholehearted approach to ensure every course is impactful, relevant and a genuinely positive learning experience for all.

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