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 Sep 06, 2018

For many organisations the digital transformation strategy has been treated as a luxury or at best, handled on a project by project basis. It is now more important than ever, for organisations to shift away from legacy paper-based systems, and even away from legacy line of business applications. Moving business processes over to a digital platform and creating a digital culture within organisations is now critical to the survival of any business in the age of digital transformation.


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Even before the trends of IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data, many organisations struggled with managing information and corporate knowledge. In the wake of Big Data, many organisations are still struggling with the sheer amount of corporate data that they need to manage. This management strategy can no longer be treated as a luxury or a single project, it is necessary to prevent the organisation being buried under the mountain of data that continues to be collected and stockpiled.



So lets look at what the digital workplace of the future might look like and how it could address these problems. The digital workplace of the future will allow citizen developers to create and publish their own reports and make them easily discoverable by other people who are authorised to use these reports. The reports can be consumed on any device, including tablets or phones.  This will allow the business users to understand their own information without the need for an expert to write specialised reports.


The digital workplace of the future will also involve a dramatic shift in how business users work with their information. The traditional mindset is working with files and folders. As the amount of data continues to increase, many organisations will need to change their mindsets to focus on business processes rather than the traditional mindset of emailing data files to each other and working in cumbersome folders. Future technology will orchestrate the collaboration around business processes in a way that ensures more business users collaborate on important business processes.


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The digital workplace of the future will ensure that the Information Lifecycle Management of corporate data will become seamless and transparent as information is created, consumed and published at work. As business users create content, the context and metadata associated with the content can automatically be tagged to ensure future archiving and disposition can be automatically managed with very little end user intervention.



Although this all seems like a far off possibility where integration leads to easier collaboration, this future might be a lot closer than you think.



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