Get into the cloud with Visual Studio Online

 Oct 16, 2014

Did you know there’s such a thing called Microsoft Visual Studio Online now? You didn’t?! Let’s have a quick look, shall we? Alright, so you know the whole world is moving to the cloud, right? Don’t grumble, it’s happening and you may as well get on board. Well, Microsoft has promised a cloud complement for all of its products, with Office 365 being a good example of this. There’s also Exchange and SharePoint in the cloud. Well, when Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013, they also announced Visual Studio Online. So, what is it? Visual Studio Online is a set of tools, or services really, running on Windows Azure to extend the development experience into the cloud. These services work hand in hand with Visual Studio on the desktop. They include:
  • Hosted source control, work item tracking, agile planning, build, and load testing that were formerly part of Team Foundation Service but are now available in public preview.
  • Application insights that provides an unparalleled view of your application’s health based on availability, performance and usage.
  • ‘Monaco,’ a coding environment for the cloud, in the cloud. A browser based light-weight developer experience for certain Azure development scenarios.
Visual Studio Online is free for teams up to 5 developers. Above and beyond that, it’s very reasonably priced. Go on, get in the cloud with everyone else. You know you want to! Have a look at Visual Studio website for further details.

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Adam Keats  

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