Close All Excel Files at Once

 Apr 04, 2017

If you find that you sometimes have more than one Excel spreadsheet open at a time and need a quick way to close and save all of them at once… Close All is for you!

Close All is not in the Ribbon or the Backstage View (when you click File) so needs to be added to the Quick Access Toolbar (the little toolbar at the top-left of the Excel screen). To add Close All to the QAT, follow these simple steps:

1.    Right click the ribbon and choose Customize the Quick Access Toolbar
2.    From the Choose Commands From menu choose Commands Not in the Ribbon
3.    Scroll down and find Close All in the list of commands and then click the Add button
4.    Click OK.

You are now able to click Close All to close and save multiple files at once!

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Ben Kirk  

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