Background images in OneNote 2013

 Mar 17, 2015

OneNote allows you to insert online pictures or pictures from your computer hard drive into your notebook pages. Then you can set the picture as a background, so you can type in front of it. This will allow you to overlay text over a picture in OneNote 2013. To set a picture as a background, you have to right click the picture and from the drop-down list, select Set picture as Background.


When you insert a picture from a file, the picture will be included into a container. You cannot set the picture as a background if the picture is located in a container. The option Set picture as Background is not available in this case.

To be able to use this functionality, you have to take the picture out from its container. To remove the picture from its container, select the picture, cut it and paste it to another location on the same page.

Another way to use the Set picture as Background feature is to insert the picture two times. Only the first instance will be placed into a container. The second and consequent pictures will not be included in containers. Then delete the first picture and use the second picture as a background.

To insert a picture and set it as a background, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Select the page you want to use
  2. Click Insert tab
  3. Go to Images group
  4. Click the Pictures button
  5. Select the picture you want to use
  6. Click Insert button
  7. Right click the image
  8. Click the Set picture as Background option
  9. Type over the picture the text you want
  10. Move the text container where you want it to appear
  11. Format the text


So there you have it, how to set images as your background in OneNote. For more information, take a look at our OneNote Training Courses.

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