All high performing work teams deliver these ten elements

 Jan 20, 2016

For my post today I want to discuss the elements of a successful team.

More broadly the first factor in a successful team is the diversity of skills and personalities of the team members. The second factor is when the different skill sets and personality types balance and complement each other.

Specifically, I have listed below ten elements that are the hallmarks of a successful team.

  1. Clear team goals that are mainly team-created and that connect with organisational targets.
  2. Ground rules or expectations that are flexible but never compromised and used to monitor team goals and to help improve team performance.
  3. Workplace plans that depict tasks, clarify job-roles and responsibilities.
  4. Defined levels of authority so that team members know which decisions they can and cannot make.
  5. Open and clear communication between team members and all external parties.
  6. Well-defined decision-making procedures and methods.
  7. Team behaviours that demonstrate a high-level of people-skills that help make the team successful.
  8. Ensure the viewpoint of every team member is heard, so that everyone has a say in team decisions.
  9. Mindful of how the team develops and the importance of continually improving how the team functions.
  10. Well-planned, well-conducted meetings with specific agendas.

That’s it for now, but remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes.

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Stan Thomas.

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Stan Thomas  

Stan has been working in a professional training capacity for over 15 years and possesses a wealth of knowledge in the areas of adult education gained through both formal study and practical training delivery both nationally and internationally. As the Professional Development Manager for New Horizons Melbourne, Stan is responsible for the delivery, quality control and enhancement of existing and new programs at New Horizons.

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