10 essential keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop

 Jul 18, 2014

Keyboard shortcuts greatly enhance your speed and productivity in any application. They are especially beneficial in Photoshop. Here are just a few that will make your work much easier. Working in Photoshop without keyboard shortcuts is like eating pizza without a crust. 1. Zoom with the Scroll Wheel Hold down Cmd+Option (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt (PC) and use your mouse’s scroll wheel to quickly zoom in and out. Alternatively Use CTRL and “+” or ““ to increase or decrease zoom and CTRL0” to return to 100%.

2. Toolbox Keystrokes Every tool in Photoshop’s toolbox has a single keystroke equivalent. This means that with the tap of a key, you can access your tools.10 essential keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop Note: Switching Tools To switch between all tools within groups, add the Shift key to the letters above For example, to switch between rectangular and elliptical marquee you would use Shift-M. “V” will return to your select tool and is a great time saver to turn other tools off.

3. Move Fast with Colour Pressing the “X” key flips the Foreground and Background colour swatches with one another. Pressing the “D” key reverts the colours back to their default — black in the foreground and white in the background. 4. Control Brush Sizes Use the open-square-bracket (“[“) and close-square-bracket (“]”) keys to increase and decrease the brush size for any of Photoshop’s brush-based tools. 5. Tab Press Tab to temporarily turn off the display of Photoshop’s Toolbox, panels, and Options bar. This will give you much more screen space to work with. Press Tab again to bring everything back. Shift+Tab – Hold down Shift and Press Tab to turn only the panels off. 6. Reset Image to original F12 is your best friend when you realise what you were trying didn’t work and is faster than reversing through your History Panel. 7. Multiple Undo’s CTRL+ALT+Z will give you multiple undo’s whereas CTRL+Z only gives you one. 8. To Select an image with a marquee CTRL+A will select an image and puts a marquee around the image. 9. To Deselect CTRL+D will deselect an image you are working on. 10. Transform CTRL+T will allow you to transform the image  (e.g.: rotate, change size). Enjoy!

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